Transform your pup into your dream family member

Ready for your dog to stop barking at every noise, listen on the first command, stop preventing you from having guests over, and stop driving you crazy?

Dog parents often find a hard time trying to figure out how to connect with their pups. It's the fine line between loving them and feeling depleted. Sometimes taking them out on walks can feel overwhelming and embarrassing, especially with all the barking, pulling, and disobedience.

Both you and your pup deserve to have a wonderful relationship where you both speak the same language.


Never judge a book by its cover because any dog can be loving

aggressive behavior only means an unproperly trained dog


I'm Luisanna.

As a private dog trainer and behavior consultant, I understand that sometimes it's hard to connect with your pups.

With over 15 years of experience and much passion, I help your pups transform into the wonderful family member you are overjoyed to have. We focus on nurturing the dog-owner relationship towards a positive and safe home environment. Our specialization is in at-home training because that’s where it starts. We work on eliminating dog aggression, reactivity, anxiety, rehabilitation, and desensitization.


8-month-Old golden retriever

Meet Novi

At our first encounter, Novi excitedly greeted me at the door. She is still learning boundaries, structure, and manners, particularly when guests arrive at her territory.

I asked Novi’s mom to show me if she would sit. Novi did not listen and just wanted to expel her energy and play. I taught Novi’s mom how to command her pup, and within two attempts, Novi perfectly sat and waited by the door until released.

5 Year old pomeranian

Meet Maisey

When I first met Maisey, she would not stop barking. Rules went out the door within her first year of life as she became an independent dog. Her mom was exhausted and just wanted her to stop barking at everything and everyone and to stop wandering out too far during walks.

After explaining to Maisey’s mom that her behaviors were because Maise saw herself as a leader, we started to fix the problems. After her first session, Maisey stopped barking, learned to sit, and go for walks with her mom without a problem.

2-year-old English bulldogs Siblings

Meet Tuff and Steel

Steel & Tuff’s dad reached out as a plea for help. They are both siblings from the same litter and would constantly fight each other to get their parent’s attention. They tried so many things trying to de-escalate the friction between them.

After learning their story, I explained that Steel’s reactions were born from jealousy towards his sister, but Tuff would not have any of it. As a result, tension was always high in the house. I worked with their mom at first since their dad was concerned that she would not be able to handle the duo. Within the first session, both parents were surprised with what Steel and Tuff’s mom was finally able to get them to listen to her. I then taught their dad how to lead them and get them both on the same page.

Now, both siblings act like a loving family and no longer fight one another. Mom and dad also found their alpha voice to show the pups that they are the boss.

Our Services

Our specialization with with dog aggression and disobedience, but we also offer the following services:

  • Manners

  • Excessive barking

  • Pulling

  • Leash reactivity

  • Disobedience

  • New family member integration

  • Private dog training for puppies and adult dogs

  • Group dog training for puppies and adult dogs

  • Dog sitting

  • Dog grooming (coming soon)